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Chocolate 100% Organic

Chocolate Criollo 100% Organic

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„When I have sweet tooth, 100% chocolate is my guaranteed favourite. I like its pleasantly bitter taste, strong smell and I really appreciate that thanks the high quality contains a lot of nutrients.“

Kateřina Matějíková, copywriter and nature lover

Main product features

  • dark chocolate in its purest form
  • without added sugar
  • high in antioxidants and minerals

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The form changes, but the quality remains
Last year's cacao bean harvest was low due to climate change, leading to a temporary shortage of cacao and cacao products worldwide. As a result, the form and taste of our cacao products may vary slightly throughout the year. However, you can be assured that we only source from suppliers whose products meet all of Vitalvibe's quality requirements.

Taste 100% chocolate in its pure form. You will know the very essence of this favourite food. Our chocolate is made from a single raw material, sourced from pure nature. That's why it is full of aroma and a typically earthy taste. It will bring you the right indulgence for body and mind!

Meet real chocolate

100% chocolate is made by grinding the whole unroasted cocoa bean into a fine paste and drying it into a solid mass. Therefore, its taste and aroma are also properties of the cocoa bean itself.

100% chocolate, i.e. cocoa paste, is made from organic cocoa beans from Peru, loaded with antioxidants, minerals and other substances beneficial to the body.

There is no chocolate like chocolate

Many people consider chocolate a "guilty pleasure". However, the rumours that chocolate is an unhealthy food should be attributed mainly to the unsustainable processing of cocoa by large food companies that refine the raw material and add large quantities of mainly white sugar, milk powder, various flavourings and solidified fats.

How true raw chocolate is born

Cocoa beans are the fruit of the cocoa tree(Theobroma cacao), which is botanically classified as a berry and tastes like unsweetened dark chocolate. In their unroasted form, they are an excellent way to give the body energy, a good mood, a clear mind and support a healthy lifestyle.

Real dark chocolate is made by grinding unroasted cocoa beans at low temperatures. This is then allowed to harden and dry into a flavour-rich paste without losing any of the substances that are beneficial to the human body.

Noble Criollo cocoa beans

These cocoa beans come from the rare Criollo variety, which produces cocoa kernels of the highest quality with the finest flavour and aroma. This noble variety is one of the finest cocoa beans in the world.

However, yields are lower because the Criollo variety is very sensitive to climatic conditions and susceptible to various diseases. For this reason, Criollo cocoa is a scarce commodity, which is also reflected in its price, which is many times higher than, for example, the common Forastero variety.

Criollo is characterised by its delicate, mild flavour with fruity notes and no unpleasant bitterness. This makes our raw cocoa an exceptional taste experience.

Chocolate for health

100% raw chocolate, made from unroasted cocoa beans in their unadulterated form, is rich in nutrients and is good for your health. The most important bioactive substances are:

  • Flavonoids are substances with antioxidant activity. They have a number of beneficial effects, for example, they contribute together with calcium to the harmonious function of the heart and blood vessels. Their content decreases significantly when cocoa beans are roasted. In addition to cocoa beans, they are also found in fruit, vegetables, tea and red wine.
  • Anthocyanins are natural dyes with a purple colour. They are also found, for example, in blueberries and acai, where they contribute significantly to the beneficial effects on the human body.
  • The specific substances are purine compounds. Dark chocolate is reported to contain 0.3-0.7% theobromine and 0.02-0.03% caffeine. The two substances have quite similar effects due to their affinity, but the effect of theobromine is about ten times weaker than that of caffeine. Therefore, with chocolate we do not have to worry about 'over-stimulating the body', nor about a certain 'addictiveness', as is the case with coffee, for example. On the contrary - good quality, pure raw chocolate induces a pleasant feeling of physical fitness and mental alertness.
  • Bioactive amines contribute to the harmonious function of neurotransmitters (carriers of nerve impulses in the brain) and help maintain inner well-being.
  • Quality chocolate is a very good source of minerals.

The story of chocolate

The beneficial effects of chocolate have been known since its earliest days. It is also no coincidence that it was originally sold only in pharmacies and prescribed by doctors for convalescence. Even the ancient Mayans and Aztecs knew about its effects and considered it a strengthening agent and a treatment for health complications.

Between the 16th and 19th centuries, many of the health benefits of pure chocolate were described.

In 1753, the Swedish naturalist Carl Linné gave the botanical name Theobroma cacao, which translates as 'food of the gods', to the cocoa tree thanks to the reputation of chocolate.

It wasn't until the 20th century that chocolate gained a reputation as something unhealthy. However, the adverse effects on the human body are mainly due to the ingredients added to most commercially produced chocolates, mainly white sugar, milk powder, flavourings and other additives.

The sad fact is that most people today do not think of chocolate as anything other than this mixture of unnatural ingredients - mostly high in white sugar and vegetable solidified fat.

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Ingredients: organic 100% cocoa paste

Nutritional valuesin 100 g
Energy value2396 kJ/ 581 kcal
Fats50 g
of which saturated29 g
Carbohydrates8,3 g
of which sugars0,5 g
Fibre21 g
Protein15 g
Salt**<0,01 g

* reference intake values

** only in the form of naturally occurring sodium


Store at temperatures up to 18°C, do not expose to sunlight. Always close the packaging tightly after use. Do not expose to sudden changes in temperature.


Use caution when consuming during pregnancy, breastfeeding and with children under 5 years of age. Also use extra caution when consuming beverages and foods containing caffeine.

Data sheet

Country of Origin:Peru

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Lisý David 12. May 2024

Dobrý den,budete mít ještě někdy v nabídce původní čokoládové zlomky? Děkuji,Lisý

Nikol M. odpověděl:

Dobrý den,

nyní nedokážeme říct. Úroda kakaa (a obzvlášť Criollo) je nyní velmi nízká, a tak bereme od dodavatelů jakoukoliv formu tak, abychom zachovali kvalitu. Nyní zlomky dostupné na trhu nejsou. 

V případě dalších dotazů jsem k dispozici na nikol.m@vitalvibe.cz.

S přáním krásného dne


Petr 4. September 2023

Dobrý den, dá se tato čokoláda jíst rovnou nezpracovaná? Nebo je to určené pro výrobu dalších produktů?

Ing. Petra Vašková odpověděl:

product specialist, holistic nutrition consultant

Dobrý den,

můžete ji jíst samostatně. (Nebude samozřejmě tak sladká, jako smíchaná se sladidlem, sušeným ovocem apod.).

V případě dalších dotazů jsem k dispozici na 732 690 885 nebo petra.v@vitalvibe.cz.

Přeji krásný den,
s pozdravem,

Lenka 10. August 2023

Dobrý den,<br/><br/>může se kakao ze 100% čokolády Criollo pít každý den? :-)<br/><br/>Děkuji.

Ing. Petra Vašková odpověděl:

product specialist, holistic nutrition consultant

Dobrý den, Lenko,

můžete. Nevím tedy, kolik si jej dáváte, jak často v průběhu dne a jestli máte ještě jiné potraviny, které obsahují kofein. V menším množství ale nevidím problém v každodenní konzumaci.

V případě dalších dotazů jsem k dispozici na 732 690 885 nebo petra.v@vitalvibe.cz.

Přeji krásný den,
s pozdravem,

Petra 16. October 2019

Dobrý den, ráda bych se prosím zeptala, zda-li Čokoláda 100% BIO velké balení, neobsahuje lepek?
Ptám se je pro ujíštění.
Moc děkuji za odpověď!

Ing. Petra Vašková odpověděl:

product specialist, holistic nutrition consultant

Dobrý den, Petro,

ano, tato čokoláda určitě neobsahuje lepek :-).

Přeji pěkný den,
s pozdravem,

Sarka 11. March 2019

Dobry den, zakoupila jsem si od vas nedavno Cokoladu 100% - butonky, ale jsou cele potazene bilym povlakem. Je to normalni? Dekuji.

Lenka Sobková odpověděl:

Dobrý den, Šárko,
bílý povlak je u vysokoprocentní čokolády zpracované bez tepelné úpravy běžný jev. Dochází totiž k vysrážení částeček tuku na povrchu butonků, hlavně při změnách teploty. Nemusíte proto mít obavy o kvalitu produktu.
Přeji vám krásný den :)
Lenka S.

David 9. May 2017

Dobry den,

prosim, v nazvu vyrobku je uvedeno cokolada, v popisu pak kakaova pasta, jaky je v tom rozdil?
da se tato pasta jist rovnou bez dalsi upravy, nebo jsou na primou konzumaci lepsi kakaove boby?


Sandra Zlatkovská odpověděl:

Krásný den Davide,

rozdíl není, čokoláda 100% obsahuje nepražené kakaové boby rozmleté do čokoládové pasty. Nemusíte se obávat ji konzumovat, je k tomu takto i určená :) Chuťově je hořká - právě proto, že nejsou přidané žádné další cukry a další suroviny.

S pozdravem,
Sandra Vitalvibe

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