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Fruit dryer Excalibur

Fruit dryer Excalibur has a system of removing water from fruit by continuous circulation of hot air, whose temperature is regulated by a thermostat. It can be used for a wide range of various foods, from cereals to sweet pineapple rings. Also for instance yoghurt that you put on a tinfoil in a thick layer turns into a freshly coloured snack with caramel flavour after drying. Due to the best construction, design, versatility and performance, it is the favourite of the leading experts on raw food.

Operating costs of fruit dryer Excalibur are approximately 0,50 - 1 CZK per hour, which makes it one of the cheapest conservation methods in comparison with freezing and other conventional methods of preservation.

If you want to maintain the efficiency of enzymes in raw foods during its drying, it is necessary to ensure the correct temperature and drying time. Enzymes lose their effectiveness when exposed to excessive heat. However, if the drying temperature is low, the drying takes longer and foods may deteriorate or bacteria can multiply in them. Thanks to its system of horizontal airflow (Parallexx Horizontal-Airflow Drying System) and its adjustable thermostat, food can preserve its high nutritional value.

The adjustable thermostat enables to control the temperature of the air and the rear fan that creates horizontal air flow takes care of fast and even drying. Thanks to these two elements the fruit dryer Excalibur can maintain sufficiently low temperature, at which the enzymes do not lose their efficiency but at the same times it ensures the temperature of air sufficient for fast drying of foods and unsuitable for mould and bacteria growth. This system is superior to most types of dryers that do not have it and dry from the bottom up and thus require frequent replacement of drying trays (top for bottom). Adjustable thermostat in the fruit dryer Excalibur has been specifically designed to allow the desired temperature fluctuations. At higher temperatures, the surface of the food dries quickly. Once the temperature lowers, the moisture from inside the food rises to drier surface parts. The variation of air temperature also helps to maintain a constant temperature of food during the entire drying process.

Handling small door and trays is very simple. Simply lift up the small door and lay them on top of the dryer. You can then easily slide the drying trays out and in if you want to put food onto it, control them, take them out or clean the trays. 


Video - Test of fruit dryer Excalibur (in English)


Video - How to produce carrot crackers by using fruit dryer Excalibur (in English)



Size 41 x 33 x 16,5 cm

Weight 10 kg

Colour white

Input power 600 W

Extended warranty 60 months

Adjustable thermostat 29,4°C - 68°C

Delivery time: 2 - 5 days

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Weight including packaging5 kg
Quantity1 pcs

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