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Focus Blend Mix Organic, Powder

Focus Blend Mix Organic, Powder

Manufacturer: Four Sigmatic

Quantity: 60 g

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„This blend really delivers what it promises. It awakens, supports thinking, internally calms and helps with concentration. It's a great drink when your mind has to stay focus.“

Ing. Jan (Petr) Noah, business owner, CEO and raw food enthusiast

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Do you need to concentrate and perform mentally? Try Focus Blend Mix. A unique blend of medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic herbs, vitamin B12 and other brilliant ingredients to support concentration and thinking will give you a powerful boost even without caffeine. Plus, thanks to the adaptogenic effects of the ingredients used, it helps you manage stress.

This earthy blend can also enhance your coffee, tea, soup or other food.

Focus Blend Mix by Four Sigmatic is a unique blend of functional mushrooms, adaptogenic herbs and superfoods in high quality USDA Organic. It contains two medicinal mushrooms, lion's mane and cordiceps; the adaptogenic herbs rhodiola and brahmi; antioxidant-rich cacao and blueberries; plus an interesting amount of vitamin B12. Thanks to the interplay of the effects of each ingredient, a cup of this drink will help you concentrate better, be more creative, and support you in your mental work.

What are medicinal mushrooms and what are their benefits?

These mushrooms are natural gems that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and folk healing for thousands of years.

  • They act as adaptogens.
  • They contain several hundred biologically active substances that have a very wide range of beneficial effects on the human body.
  • Probably the most famous of these are betaglucans, which harmonize our immune system.
  • In addition to these general properties, individual mushroom species have other specific effects.

What do adaptogens bring us?

Adaptogens improve the ability to withstand changing conditions (i.e. to adapt).

  • These include herbs and medicinal mushrooms that have been used for thousands of years by traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and folk healing.
  • Adaptogens increase resistance to stressful situations such as anxiety, injury, fatigue or physical indisposition.
  • They harmonize the body, strengthen it and return it to a state of balance.

The mushrooms and herbs are in extract form in the drink. They contain maximum beneficial substances that the human body cannot absorb when consumed normally.

Beneficial effects of Focus Blend Mix

  • Contributes to nornormal functioning of the nervous system and normal mental activity (thanks to vitamin B12 and brahmi).
  • It has a supportive effect on cognitive functions including memory (thanks to brahmi).
  • Improves the ability to resist stress, i.e. to adapt (thanks to the adaptogenic herbs brahmi and rhodiola).
  • Contributes to the normal production of red blood cells (thanks to vitamin B12).
  • Contributes to reducing the level of fatigue and exhaustion (thanks to vitamin B12 and rhodiola).
  • Contributes to the process of cell division (thanks to vitamin B12)
  • Contributes to normal energy metabolism (thanks to vitamin B12)
  • Contributes to normal gallbladder function (thanks to brahmi).
  • Contributes to the normal function of the immune system (thanks to vitamin B12).

Who can take this drink

  • Those who need to support cognitive function - memory, concentration
  • Those who need to boost mental performance without the effect of caffeine (caffeine sensitive individuals)
  • People with a lack of energy
  • People who want to incorporate adaptogens and antioxidants into their day
  • Those who want to support brain health
  • Those who need to manage the demands of a busy life
  • People on a ketogenic/low carb diet (1 g carbs, 0 g simple sugars)

7 great ingredients in Focus Blend Mix

1) Lion's Mane/ Coral Mane (500 mg)

This is a rare fungus that grows on the trunks of deciduous trees. Its appearance resembles a lion's mane. For hundreds of years it has been used primarily to support cognitive function and memory.

2) Rhodiola/ Arctic Root (330 mg)

Rhodiola root is native to the wild mountains of Tibet. It is a traditional adaptogen nicknamed as the "golden root" that was administered to support concentration, creativity and productivity.

3) Cordyceps/ Caterpillar Chinese (250 mg)

The hemispherical cordyceps mushroom is naturally found in the mountainous regions of China and Tibet. Traditional Chinese medicine has used it for thousands of years, especially to promote strength and endurance. It is no coincidence that cordyceps was made famous by the Sherpas, who carried multi-kilogram loads on their backs to the tops of mountains.

4) Brahmi / Bacopa minor (250 mg)

This adaptogenic plant has been used by Ayurveda to support concentration and cognitive function. Even today, it is a great supportive

m for students and those who perform mental work.

5) Cocoa powder

The unrefined cacao in this blend comes from high altitudes in the Dominican Republic. Here it is produced by organic farming in premium quality and taste. Cocoa is a source of many bioactive substances with a beneficial effect on our organism. Thanks to them, it induces a pleasant state of relaxation and promotes alertness.

6) Blueberry powder

Blueberries are not only a fruit with a wonderful aroma, but also a concentrated source of valuable flavonoids - antioxidants.

7) Vitamin B12 (500 µg )

This vitamin affects a wide range of life processes. From cell growth and division, red blood cell formation to the conversion of nutrients from food into usable energy. And that is why we can very simply say that it "recharges our life energy".

Why prefer a double extract of medicinal mushrooms?

For the human body, much of the mushroom tissue is indigestible. Therefore, when we swallow the powder from a ground dried mushroom, we cannot absorb nearly all the valuable active substances from its cells.

The extract, on the other hand, contains all the beneficial substances in an easily digestible form. And to really get all the substances from the natural mushroom, you will even find a double extract in this instant drink. That is, not only the water-soluble substances, but also all the other substances that we have obtained by extraction with alcohol (which, of course, is not contained in the final product at all).

The double extract therefore ensures a higher concentration and better bioavailability of the active substances for the organism. And this is the basis of our medicinal mushroom products.

Tincture or instant drink with medicinal mushrooms?
In our range you will find mushroom tinctures from KÄÄPÄ Health and high-quality instant drinks from Four Sigmatic. What is the difference between them?

All the mushroom products we sell are of high quality and as bioavailable as possible. The active ingredients in them are extracted using a double extraction method.

Four Sigmatic drinks contain other synergistic adaptogenic herbs or superfoods in addition to the medicinal mushrooms. Their advantage is their great taste and high concentration of active ingredients. In one box you will find a predetermined number of sachets, i.e. doses.

KÄÄPÄ Health tinctures more closely resemble a classic dietary supplement. It is purely a mushroom extract, the amount of which you dose yourself according to your needs using a dropper.

How to use Focus Blend Mix

Dissolve 1 scoop in water or add to your favorite beverage (coffee, tea, juice or smoothie).

Not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women or children.

How to enjoy the drink even more

  • Can be improved by adding plant milk or natural sweetener.
  • Add coconut oil for a creamier texture.
  • You can also add one scoop to soups or baked dishes.
  • Drink in place of your usual cup of coffee.
  • Take in the morning or in the morning.

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Ingredients in one serving (1 scoop, i.e. 2 g):

  • Lion's Mane*(Hericium erinaceus) extract 500 mg
  • Rhodiola(Rhodiola rosea) extract 330 mg
  • Cordyceps*(Cordyceps militaris) extract 250 mg
  • Brahmi*(Bacopa monnieri) extract 250 mg
  • Cocoa powder*
  • blueberry powder*
  • Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin).

*=USDA organic

USDA Organic
Products labeled USDA Organic meet the strict production requirements of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. To carry this label, a product must be at least 95% organic ingredients. Certification demonstrates the highest possible quality and purity of the product.

USDA Organic products undergo a non-GMO, radiation-free production method using ingredients that fall under the National List of Allowed Substances. Agriculture with this certification must meet many factors from ensuring soil quality to controlling pests and weeds or the ingredients used.

Organic producers rely as much as possible on natural substances and agricultural, physical, mechanical or biological farming methods with a guarantee that the plant/crop grew on soil where prohibited substances (such as synthetic fertilizers or pesticides) have not been applied for 3 years.

Nutritional valuesPer serving (2 g)
Energy value5 kcal
Carbohydrates1 g
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)

500 µg (20 000 %)*

* Reference intake value for an average adult (8 400 kJ/2000 kcal)
Package contains 30 servings. Total of 1500 mg of adaptogen extract per serving.

Decaf. Not a significant source of carbohydrates, fat, protein, fiber or salt.


Dietary Supplement. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Not a substitute for a varied diet. Not intended for children under 3 years of age, pregnant and lactating women.


Store in a cool, dark and dry place. U

Quantity: 60 g

Why we love Four Sigmatic?

Four Sigmatic - originally from Finland, now based in the USA - is the project of a bunch of smart guys who call themselves the Scandinavian funny guys. They combined their lifelong passion for processing medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens with an original idea. They have enriched popular drinks with these traditionally used medicinal gems that can fill our every day with more energy, physical stamina, inner peace and productivity. With this venture, they have made functional mushrooms available to virtually anyone.

Adding the dual extract of these mushrooms and adaptogens to popular beverages like hot cocoa, coffee, latte or matcha latte or creating a multi-species mushroom blend creates a drink for moments of well-being while "recharging the batteries" and boosting the psyche and immunity.

Four Sigmatic products meet the strictest quality criteria. In addition to USDA Organic certification, they are regularly tested by independent laboratories for heavy metals, yeast, mycotoxins and radiation levels. The ingredients in all Four Sigmatic beverages are purely plant-based.

Data sheet

Country of Origin:USA
USDA Organic:Yes

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