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„I use bee pollen because of its wide range of beneficial effects on health. And the great thing is that's 100% natural and doesn't burden my body with unnecessary chemical additives. “

Kateřina Matějíková, copywriter and nature lover

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Bee pollen is considered as one of the most powerful and purest of pollens available. It is a naturopathic medicine and its popularity as a health food supplement is increasing day by day. Bee Pollen is the solid residue left in honeycomb or beehive. It is sometimes referred to as ambrosia, the food of the gods in Greek mythology.

Like honey, the nutrient is also believed to have so many positive effects on health such as enhancing energy, memory, and performance. There is no scientific evidence for these things but some primary researches have found a lot of promising results including cancer and tumor prevention.

Benefits attributed to Bee Pollen consumption:

  • Helps to strengthen health and immunity                                   
  • beneficial effects on memory, learning ability and concentration
  • contributes to young skin                               
  • supports sexuality, fertility and potency                                            
  • beneficial effects in menstruation period            
  • the source of vitamins and minerals in natural forms
  • supports appetite
  • helps in convalescence
  • supports life activity and life vitality

Bee pollen is the pollen produced by flowers that honey bees gather and bring back to the hive. These pollen grains are microscopic in size, yet bees collect millions of these individual grains and bind them with nectar into small pellets.

Beekeepers collect the pollen from the bees by placing a collection device at the entrance to the hive. This device gathers between 10% and 50% percent of the pollen that the bees are carrying, leaving plenty of pollen for the hive's needs.

These pollen grains have been carefully dried at the bee hive's natural temperature (below 38 degrees). The pollen is slowly dried to less than 7% moisture to stop natural fermentation and spoilage, for the highest quality, purity and delicious rich flavor.

Recommended intake: 1 heaping teaspoon (10 g) per day

Composition: 100% Bee Pollen

Nutritional FactsServing Size: Tablespoon (10 g)
Energy118 kJ/  28 kcal
Fat0,6 g
    Saturated Fat0,07 g
Carbohydrates 4,1 g
   Sugars4 g
Fibre       1,4 g
Protein1,5 g
Salt** 0,03 g
Iron0,4 mg (2,8 %)*
Zinc0,3 mg (2,2 %)*

*Reference intake

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cooldark and dry placeDo not exceed the recommended daily dose. There is no substitute for a varied dietNot for children under 3 years of agepregnant and nursing women.

Data sheet

Country of Origin:Slovakia

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Výběr dotazů z Poradny

Zde nám můžete položit otázku a naši odborníci se Vám ji pokusí odpovědět.

Klara 5. April 2020

Dobry den, na baleni vaseho vceliho pylu se pise, ze 'pred konzumaci je treba pyl fermentovat 14 dni v medu.' Muzete mi k tomu prosim rict vic, jak mam fementovat (jaky pomer voda/med) a take zda-li je to nutne? Neni tedy radno konzumovat tak jak to je v sacku? Dekuji predem za odpoved a preji pevne nervy a zdravi v teto nelehke dobe. S pozdravem Klara

Ing. Petra Vašková odpověděl:

product specialist, holistic nutrition consultant

Dobry den, Kláry,

fermentace není nezbytně nutná, takže včelí pyl klidně konzumujte jen tak :-) Během procesu fermentace se však zvyšuje stravitelnost všech živin, roste využitelný obsah určitých vitaminů, proto ji doporučujeme. Návod na fermentaci naleznete přímo na našich stránkách :

Přeji Vám také hodně zdraví,
s pozdravem,

Petra (

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