Blender G21 Perfect smoothie Vitality
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Blender G21 Perfect smoothie Vitality

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Blender G21 Perfect smoothie Vitality characteristics

  •   professional quality
  •   micro-chopping ensures the usability of nutritiens
  •   beverages contain fiber
  •   professional blender Vitamix TNC 5200 is recommended by RAW chefs

Blender G21 Perfect smoothie Vitality is a multi-functional blender which can mix, blend, chop but also produce sorbets, fruit desserts, cocktails, ice-creams, spreads, sauces etc. It has a container with a capacity of 2 l in which cold as well as warm dishes can be processed.  Blender G21 Perfect smoothie Vitality is recommended by many chefs for its variability and productivity.

Parts of the blender are ergonomic handle and a cover which is equipped with a funnel, which enables adding ingredients during blending.

Using a tamper you can speed up blending of thick or frozen ingredients, which form air pockets during blending. 

Jugs and blades

  •   for mixing liquid ingredients - all the models of blendersVitamix are equipped with highly resistant jug with mixing blades for preparing liquids, frozen mixtures, cremes, chopping ingredients etc. Blades for preparing liquid ingredients are marked with W, all their edges are sharp. 
  •   for mixing dry ingredients - it is possible to purchase an additional jug with blades designed for grinding and cutting of dry ingredients such as coffee, grain etc. Such a blade is marked with letter D and has two sharp and two flat edges. It can be also used for kneading dough. Blades for dry ingedients ARE NOT designed for effective mixing of liquids. CAUTION : Do not ever chop dry ingredients for more than 2 minutes, otherwise the blender will be damaged. Regular chopping of dry ingredients wears the blades down. Also, there is a gradual change in the appearance of the jug that turns opaque.

Delivery time : 2 - 5 days

It is not possible to send it abroad.

Data sheet

Weight including packaging6 kg
Quantity1 ks

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