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A Month Under the Sign of Lunar Woman: Virgin

The moon is waxing slowly but surely and it means in case of many women, that the aspect of energetic Virgin starts to rule their bodies and minds. This aspect replaces and follows naturally the aspect of Old woman which you can read about in our previous article.

It means, from the physiological point of view, that woman is in the preovulatory phase, an ovum grows in one of her ovaries and endometrium is being renewed.

It is not wasting one´s breath saying that the aspect of Virgin can be compared to spring: Woman sort of awakes after a long winter sleep and she´s full of energy, self-confidence and determination. As nature bears new life and flower-buds, woman churns out new ideas; she is very creative and productive. She is aware of the renewed energy rising from her womb and can fully use it. Within the cycle, it is a very dynamic and positive part of it during which woman is usually brimming with energy of reckless girl -a virgin. She concentrates first of all on herself, her ambitions and new aims towards which she goes with enthusiasm. Woman is more than ever capable to think rationally and analytically, use it while working and get, therefore, the best results.

It´s not unusual if woman faces incomprehension of other people during this phase. In case she yields to the energy of Virgin too much she may give an impression of someone too independent, selfish and cold. It´s mostly men who have the sensation that woman tries to steal them the imaginary leadership and manly strength which fact may cause some problems in relationships.

The virginal energy is not just a psychical issue. It also strongly influences woman´s physical activity. During these days, the body doesn´t require as much sleep and regeneration as in other phases and it is abundant in energy (sometimes there is even an excess of energy). It performs better in sport activities and, most importantly, it doesn´t have to be pushed into them.

Sex life is in bloom just as the woman is in this phase. She is open to new experiences, experiments and flirting. Her mind is youthful, playful and frivolous just as the mind of a girl is.

The insight of Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine woman´s body suffers deficiency of blood and liquids in general after menstruation (deficiency of yin). The symptoms of dryness such as itchy skin, dry red-rimmed eyes, dry hair or splitting nails can show up. Those meridians of conception connected with liver and kidneys are also deprived. Now the time has come to start nourishing them again in order that the aspect of virgin can fully develop and prepare for the phase of fertilization.

In the previous article about the archetype of Old woman we wrote about haematopoietic food in the context of weak and strong menstruation. Because of menstruation, between other things, debilitation affects mainly women. You can imagine it as a deficiency of high-quality water in a river which flows slowly, can´t provide plants and animals in it with appropriate nourishment and the whole ecosystem is, therefore, not functioning well.

Some symptoms can show up, such as paleness, pale lips, palpitation, vertigo, insomnia, tiredness, pins and needles in limbs, eczema, weak menstruation or loss of menstruation, depression, feeling of fear, excessive passivity and loss of zest for life. From the western medicine´s point of view this corresponds to anaemia or low blood pressure. During pregnancy, the amount of blood increases naturally which is why the density and shine of hair improves and skin is smoother and more glowing. It is said then than women come into blossom during the pregnancy. After the birth however, a big blood insufficiency starts again.

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Apart from menstruation, childbirth and inappropriate food, you may also run short of blood by studying too hard, eating in rush and in front of the TV, getting angry too easily, thinking about same things again and again and not leaving them in previous phase of Old Woman and least but not last by planning many projects at the same time knowing you are not able to put them into practice. It´s important to consider what to do in this energetic phase to get the fruits of your effort.

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Elixir to blood boost

  • 2 cups almond milk
  • 4-8 dates
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon maca or ashwaganadha
  • 1 bag instant reishi

Try it instead of coffee that weakens blood. In summer add strawberries, raspberries or blackberries and get a nutritious smoothie. In autumn beetroot or grapes fit perfectly. All year long you can add spirulina or chlorella.

Our tip: If you don´t have almond milk, you can make it easily by mixing almond butter and water in a blender (1 teaspoon for 2 cups of water).

By Michaela Ptáčková and Michaela Dobiášová

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