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Combining the most advanced design with performance and precision, Vitamix is ​​the first high performance revolutionary wireless technology (NFC) mixer to deliver maximum comfort and versatility today and many years ahead. Vitamix Ascent mixers are more than smart. They are made to withstand, intuitive and ready for the future.


Made so precisely that every year, in everyday use, it will crush even the most durable raw materials.

It's not just a mixer ... it's a Vitamix kitchen appliance - a blend of perfect design with revolutionary technology.

FEATURES Vitamix A2500i Ascent Series:

  • The NFC automatically detects programs and the maximum mixing times according to the vessel size.
  • The Magnetic Safety Lock (Interlock) does not allow start without closing the lid.
  • The 3 preset programs allow you to conveniently walk away and engage in other activities while mixing and always achieve the same perfect results. Preset programs: smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups.
  • Optional Speed ​​+ Pulse Button - Choose any texture yourself ... from pieces to smooth purée.
  • Built-in digital timer - ensures you get your favorite consistency every time you mix.
  • Tough stainless steel knives ensure the same quality mixing result for years.
  • The metal carrier allows safe and durable connection of the motor and knife units.
  • The mixing bowl has a low profile so it can fit under each upper cabinet of the kitchen unit. The dish can be dishwasher-safe!
  • Transparent lid for easy mixing control. The container and lid are from BPA Free Tritan.
  • 10 years warranty!


  • Choice number one by world-renowned chefs.
  • Commercial mixers Vitamix uses the vast majority of the world's largest food chains.
  • All mixing vessels (both basic and auxiliary) are self-cleaning (up to 60 seconds with a wash program) and can also be washed in dishwashers without disassembly.
  • They can handle over 10 culinary techniques, including the preparation of hot soup without the use of a stove.
  • Made for performance and durability with a 10 year warranty.


  • It blends perfectly smoothly (smoothies, fresh, juices, etc.). Liquid any raw material (leaves, baking powder, micro fiber). Cuts and rotates any pieces (cabbage, onion, nuts).
  • Beads and emulsifies (whipped cream, mayonnaise, cream, etc.).
  • Prepare hot soups (you do not need a stove).
  • My flour and seeds (smooth, rough and loamy).
  • Crushes, shreds and milks (coffee, breadcrumbs, meat, etc.).
  • Bake bread pastry (homemade pizza and bread, etc.).
  • Produces ice cream and sorbet (frozen desserts and sheeps).


  • engine base - Vitamix A2500 mixer
  • container for liquid raw materials 2 l
  • rammer to a 2 liter container
  • Czech instructions
  • a book of recipes in English or German
  • book Introduction to Perfect Mixing in Czech


Mixing tanks for the ASCENT SERIES series are available in two volumes: 600 ml and 225 ml. Optional accessory sets include a base for connecting these low-volume vessels with car detection technology, which allows the mixers to recognize the vessel size and automatically change settings. These durable containers (made from Tritan) can be used to chop ingredients into any dishes, prepare smaller / individual portions of smoothies, dips, dressings, baby food etc. These optional containers are waterproof with a tapping opening allowing instant preparation, storage or transport of mixes without unnecessary staining of other dishes. All auxiliary bottles and attachment bases can be dishwasher-safe. Laser-cut knives are made of the same hardened stainless steel as knives in Vitamix standard sizes. This ensures better mixes and longer life. Additional containers have a 3-year warranty.

* Additional mixing tanks are not suitable for microwave ovens and are not designed for mixing hot liquids.

Delivery time : 2 - 5 days

It is not possible to send it abroad.

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Weight including packaging6 kg

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