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Himalayan Crystalline Salt - 500 g

Himalayan Crystal Salt

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„Himalayan salt has become an essential part of my cuisine, which I season most dishes. It gives food the right spice and the body pure natural minerals. “

Kateřina Matějíková, copywriter and nature lover

Main product features

  • unrefined Himalayan Salt

  • contains trace amounts of minerals

  • to flavor dishes in your kitchen

  • suitable for the bath

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In recent decades, the ability of food to survive storage and transport in the required condition has played an important role in the food industry. It is not uncommon for even natural sea salt to be depleted of many of its minerals and other nutrients, thus resulting in iodine being added back in. This often results in refined iodised salt that is depleted of important nutrients and minerals. In addition, it takes 23 hours and a large amount of water to absorb and excrete each gram of this salt. The lack of water then slows down our metabolism and toxins are deposited more quickly in the tissues.

In the Himalayas, there are mines that have been left untouched for millions of years. Due to the action of the surface layers, Himalayan salt combines 84 different minerals that are very important for a large number of metabolic processes. It is a form of extracting the natural form of the mineral. One of the identifying elements is iron, which gives the salt its typical colour - the higher the iron content, the pinker the colour.

  • it helps to supply the body with water and important, pure, minerals
  • creates an alkaline environment in the body
  • maintains a balance between the acidic and alkaline environment in the body
  • supports metabolic processes
  • maintains a constant ratio of all elements in the human body
  • contains iron: important for blood formation
  • balanced ratio of sodium and potassium: proper function of the nervous system (transmission of nerve impulses)

Ingredients: 100% Himalayan crystal salt

Nutritional values

in 100 g

Energy value

12 kJ/3 kcal


<0,4 g

of which saturated

0,3 g


<0,1 g

of which sugars

0,05 g


<0,5 g


0,94 g


94,1 g


205 mg (25.6%)*


618 mg (30.9%)*


105.4 mg (752.9%)*

* reference intake values

** only in the form of naturally occurring sodium

Uses: a healthy substitute for table salt, it can also be used in the bath, to cleanse the sinuses, as an ingredient in face masks or for rehydration

Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Data sheet

Weight including packaging550 g
Quantity500 g
Country of Origin:Pakistan

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